Theo & Philo Artisanal Chocolate

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70% Dark Chocolate -

Straight-to-the-point and brutally honest, our 70% Dark Chocolate is a proud no-nonsense heavy-hitter. Just like that dapper lolo you can rely on to dish only the bittersweet truth with suave; this classic bar uses high-quality cacao for rich depth that features notes of cherries and earthiness. This smooth and forever stylish bar smothers you with an addictive sweetness born from the finest of Davao's cacao beans. Roasted to perfection, blended with just the right amount of sugar, and allowed to express its natural flavors over time.

Dark Chocolate with Black Sesame -

Like that exotic vacation you've been dreaming of. Dark chocolate is combined with black sesame praline, cashews, and pili nuts for an almost sinfully indulgent and crunchy treat. If a sexy adventure had a flavor, this would be it.

Dark Chocolate with Green Banana Chips and Pink Salt -

The banana chief has taken over the republic, and he ordered his favorite crispy banana treats mixed into our chocolate. We sprinkled a little bit of salt, and it tastes like magic. The chief certainly knows what's good. All hail the chief!

Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Salt -

What happens when you take a beloved couple and add a third-wheel? Well, in this case gastronomic magic happens. Dried green mango, a little salt, and dark chocolate create a distinctly Filipino flavor that?s sure to inspire a whole new batch of dreamers and chocolate lovers. 

Dark Chocolate with Labuyo Chili -

Like that fiery heroine that girls want to be and boys want to have. Equal parts sweet and spicy, this well-loved favorite takes the velvety richness of dark chocolate and adds the zing of labuyo. This is probably the only time you'll be more than happy to be on the receiving end of a kick to your taste buds, that is.

Milk Chocolate with Adobo -

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and the way to a woman's is through chocolate. So why not hit two birds with one stone? This milk chocolate bar is sure to melt any heart with its peppery zing and toffee flavor, all thanks to a glorious adobo infusion.

Milk Chocolate with Barako Coffee -

Sure, if chocolate is pleasure then coffee is business. But who says you can't mix both? Experience high quality chocolate with a pinch of roast coffee beans to perk you up and make you jump for joy. Or maybe just reach for another bar.

Milk Chocolate with Pili Nut and Pinipig -

Forget the tale of Malakas and Maganda, the love story between Pili and Pinipig is the best tale there is. It should be no surprise that glazed pili nuts and toasted pinipig are a match made in culinary heaven. After all, they have perfectly sweet and dense milk chocolate to bind them together.

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