{pages} Requirements for In-Store Shopping | Every Day from 11am-5pm

Here are our new Requirements for In-Store Shopping


Ring the bell to let us know you're here and we'll happily
welcome you in or ask that you wait outside for just a few minutes.


We're allowing on 3 shoppers in the store at one time.

Starting Monday, November 9th we will be allowing 4 shoppers in at one time.


Sanitize your hands upon entering.


Wear a face mask fully covering your nose and mouth
in the store. Please don't pull it down to speak with us.


Browse purposefully so that we can allow other customers
in if they are waiting.
We have lots of great book suggestions ready to go!


Please don't re-shelve books. Simply place them on the cart provided.


Children must stay with their parents during their visit.


If you are feeling unwell, please stay home, rest, and order online.


No cash accepted at this time.


Thank you so much. Rules updated July 29, 2020.