{pages} Pajama Party & Stuffie Sleepover TICKET


Join {pages} a bookstore in our children’s department for a Pajama Party & Stuffie Sleepover with a special visit from children’s author, Benson Shum!


A special {pages} event is coming for children on Friday, March 24 at 5:30 pm!  We invite children to wear their pajamas and bring a favorite stuffie to enjoy a special storytime, cookies and juice, and then tuck the stuffies in for their overnight stay at {pages}.  We wonder what the stuffies will be up to all night long in a bookstore?  We know there will be some shenanigans, cozy cuddles, and lots of books to read!

On Saturday morning at 9:30 am, stuffies can be picked up while children enjoy a very special storytime with children’s author, Benson Shum.  Benson will share his Anzu books and provide a drawing demonstration while children enjoy doughnuts with their stuffies.  Photos will also be displayed of what the stuffies were up to all night!

To make a reservation for your child, the fee is $5.00 and you can register HERE.  Purchase one of Benson’s Anzu books to pick up at the event and have him sign and personalize it for you.

Price: $5.00