Force of Habit (Kobo eBook)

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Stop harmful habits—and develop ones that heal and empower you—with a plan rooted in both neuroscience and all-natural solutions.

Dr. Tamsin Astor blends her scientific background as a PhD in cognitive neuroscience with her Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, and Coaching training to offer a unique approach to mastering your daily habits. Using tools from Health and Executive coaching, Tamsin provides a plan to help you navigate from a multi-tasking, low energy, time-deprived existence to one of abundance, nourishment, and fun!

Feeling like there isn’t enough time or energy to get everything done? Follow the steps in this book to regain your power and reduce your stress. You’ll learn:

  • The “Shoulds” & why they don’t serve you
  • Motivation and different theories to understand it
  • Stress and what it’s secretly doing to you & why we need a little “good” stress
  • Why there isn’t one definition of “healthy” and a new model for understanding health
  • A new way of thinking about everyday habits and how you need to change them
  • How to think about your relationship with yourself—are you falling into learned helplessness?
  • How to assess your relationships with others, and whether you’re cultivating enablers or supporters

By establishing healthy habits, you can unleash your true power—by freeing up your time from the thousands of micro-decisions you make on a day-to-day basis.