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Children and Television: A Challenge for Education By Michael E. Manley-Casimir Cover Image
Television Studies: Television Studies (Media and Society Series) By Gary C. Burns, Robert Thompson Cover Image
Making Television: Authorship and the Production Process (Media and Society Series) By Gary C. Burns, Robert Thompson Cover Image
Adventures on Prime Time: The Television Programs of Stephen J. Cannell (Washington Papers) By Robert Thompson Cover Image
Meanings of the Medium: Perspectives on the Art of Television (Media and Society Series) By K. Henderson Cover Image
Broadcasting Propaganda: International Radio Broadcasting and the Construction of Political Reality (Praeger Series in Political Communication) By Philo C. Wasburn Cover Image
Television Fraud: The History and Implications of the Quiz Show Scandals (Contributions in American Studies; No. 39) By J. Kent Anderson Cover Image
Television and the Performing Arts: A Handbook and Reference Guide to American Cultural Programming By Brian Geoffrey Rose Cover Image
Role Portrayal and Stereotyping on Television: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies Relating to Women, Minorities, Aging, Sexual Behavior, Health, and (Bibliographies and Indexes in Sociology #5) By Nancy Signorielli Cover Image
The Cosby Show: Audiences, Impact, and Implications (Bibliographies and Indexes in Sociology #32) By Linda K. Fuller Cover Image
Hibernian Green on the Silver Screen: The Irish and American Movies (Contributions in Sociology #23) By Joseph M. Curran Cover Image
George Burns and Gracie Allen: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in the Performing Arts) By Cynthia Clements, Sandra Weber Cover Image