Admitting Abuse: You Might Not Get Over It, But You Will Get Through It (Paperback)

Admitting Abuse: You Might Not Get Over It, But You Will Get Through It By Crista Andja Polich Cover Image
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In "Admitting Abuse: You might not get over it but you will get through it," author Crista Polich invites readers to join her on her profound journey from an abusive marriage to becoming a widow.
This poignant memoir serves as a beacon of hope for women who have endured similar hardships, assuring them that they are not alone in their struggles. The book is thoughtfully structured, divided into sections that delve into what Crista aptly terms "The Four D's": The Four Most Unexpected and Life-Altering Events a person can face—Death, Divorce, Diagnosis, and Disaster. By sharing her own experiences and the lessons learned, Crista provides invaluable guidance on how to prepare for any of these unexpected challenges.

Crista’s storytelling is characterized by its honesty, encouragement, and straightforwardness. Through her words, readers will find solace, inspiration, and practical strategies for facing their own hardships head-on.
“Admitting Abuse” not only serves as a testament to Crista’s resilience and strength, but also as a powerful tool for others seeking to overcome their own obstacles. With her compassionate and empowering voice, Crista Polich guides readers towards the realization that although they might not “get over” their pain, they can, indeed, get through it.

About the Author

After living for years in a verbally and physically abusive marriage, Crista summoned up the strength to end that unhealthy relationship. She had just launched their youngest child off to college when she and her husband decided to get divorced. She knew it would be a challenging season, but little did she know what laid ahead. Only three and a half weeks later, Crista suddenly found herself a widow. Her husband had committed suicide. Crista and her children navigated through their grief together and with the help of professional therapists. Because she had been a stay-at-home mom for most of her marriage, she found herself completely unprepared and overwhelmed for what life had now presented her. However, Crista did not sit idle. She began reclaiming her life one step at a time. She started tackling the tough stuff and now she helps others do the same. Crista is the author of the captivating memoir Admitting Abuse: You might not get over it, but you will get through it. She is a powerful informational speaker where she engages audiences by sharing her emotional stories with unbridled truth and humor. She recently founded her own consulting business helping people be more prepared in the event of an unexpected tragedy. In addition, Crista is committed to helping widows and widowers less fortunate than she, which inspired her to start a non-profit ministry called Widows Without through the non-profit Bridges US ( Crista is candid, encouraging, and blunt about how she turned her tragedy into triumph and now she’s committed to helping others do the same. As she says, “I’m not bashful about telling people, don’t wait to get your sh*t together!”
Product Details
ISBN: 9798987747971
Publisher: Crista Polich
Publication Date: October 19th, 2023
Pages: 410