Activate the Third Space: How to Align, Communicate and Lead in a Hyper-Competitive World (Paperback)

Activate the Third Space: How to Align, Communicate and Lead in a Hyper-Competitive World By Bill Cornwell, Michael Switow Cover Image
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What is the most profound challenge facing business today? Inflation? Interest rates? Economic growth? No, these are exogenous and transitory issues. Supply chains? Shifting consumer demands? Think again. The most important obstacles inhibiting success are internal. Leaders are told to "burn bright"; instead, they burn out, feeling that the burden of success rests on their shoulders alone. Every organization must confront a trinity of issues, if it wishes to succeed in the 21st century: The Disengagement Pandemic. Globally, only 1 in 5 employees is actively engaged in their work and committed to their company's success. A disengaged workforce impacts productivity, affects mental health and is estimated to cost the US economy more than $8 trillion annually.Human 'Resources'. Companies proclaim, "People are our best resource " but they do not walk the talk. Employees are treated as a cost and resource to manage, not as individuals with valuable inputs to share and careers to grow.Miscommunication and misalignment. How many times have you embarked on a project, only to discover, months later, that you and your teammates have gone in different directions? Alignment snafus routinely cost companies money and time.Activate the Third Space presents a clear, easy-to-implement model to foster engagement, promote clear communication and ensure alignment. Bill Cornwell's extensive experience facilitating corporate workshops and coaching senior leaders to reach their full potential provides the basis for a captivating tale that will transform modern organizations. Part fictional narrative, part intellectual discourse and field guide, Activate the Third Space presents a road map for how every employee, not just those in the C-suites, can take personal responsibility to ensure success.

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ISBN: 9798987081723
Publisher: Switow Media and Cascade Consulting
Publication Date: November 5th, 2022
Pages: 252
Language: English