The Time Machine (Paperback)

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A convincing sci-fi, The 'Time Machine is a direct record of a Time Traveler's excursion into the future. The lever gets pulled and the machine sends him to the year 802,701 when mankind has parted into two unusual races? the ethereal Eloi and the subterranean Morlocks. Here, his machine gets stolen and with the assistance of Weena, an Eloi he is saved from drowning, and the explorer can recover it. Zooming thirty million years further into the future, he discovers that the Earth is slowly dying, where the red sun sits still overhead and the main indication of life is a dark mass with tentacles. He returns to the Victorian time, overpowered, only three hours after he initially left. Credited with inventing the time machine in this novel, the provocative understanding of H. G. Wells keeps on enchanting the readers.
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ISBN: 9789394973824
ISBN-10: 9394973826
Publisher: Double 9 Booksllp
Publication Date: April 22nd, 2022
Pages: 88
Language: English