The Forgetful Ferret: A Caitlin & Rio Adventure (Hardcover)

The Forgetful Ferret: A Caitlin & Rio Adventure By Sally Alexander, Claudie C. Bergeron (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Sally Alexander, Claudie C. Bergeron (Cover Design by)
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A time traveling ferret, a daring rescue and search for hidden treasure - time travel is dangerous, one wrong move could destroy everything

This thrilling adventure is Book 4 in the Caitlin and Rio Adventure Series. Rio, Caitlin Maggert's extraordinary talking cat and Caitlin meet Daisy, a time travelling ferret who cannot remember how to get home. Rio, Caitlin, and their friends are excited when Daisy offers to take them to the beach.

But their wonderful trip to the beach leads to a disturbing discovery - Daisy has transported them back in time to the eighteenth century and she has inadvertently collected some items from a gang of pirates' stolen loot. More disturbingly Rio, Caitlin and their friends discover that the pirate captain looks just like the criminal mastermind, MacDougal

Daisy shares other disturbing things with Caitlin, Rio and their two friends - Trudie sees something that has not happened yet, and Rio dreams that MacDougal has captured Caitlin and Trudie.

Caitlin and Rio are left with no choice when Daisy offers to help them and take them to the place of Rio's dream. Trudie's vision comes true. Caitlin discovers what she is meant to do - and they discover an unexpected ally against MacDougal.

But they find out that MacDougal is searching for pirate treasure hidden by his ancestor. Rio, Caitlin and their friends are determined to find the pirate treasure before MacDougal, even if it means traveling back in time to do so

Time travel is dangerous. One wrong move could tear the fabric of time itself and destroy everything.

The friends learn that nothing is more important than family and friends, not even all the treasure in the world.

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ISBN: 9781958459034
ISBN-10: 1958459038
Publisher: Sally Alexander
Publication Date: September 30th, 2022
Pages: 134
Language: English