Claire Got Herself in Trouble (Paperback)

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Renee Halsie is a born and bred New-Yorker. A child of divorce, she finds herself a young, biracial lesbian coming of age in the contemporary south; the daughter of a movie producer working 24/7 to launch her own studio. It's enough to give anyone rage-issues, but Renee swears that she was born with hers. She's an amateur contractor by day, and by night, the wanted vandal of a local gay-bashing ice cream shop.

She is also the consummate leader of her trio of friends. Moira -the baby- is only seventeen. A kind, big, anxious girl, and sometimes loud. Scene kid Claire is cool and sarcastic, and will make someone a good trophy wife, someday. Renee is the salutatorian of their small graduating class in Owsla, Georgia, attending Columbia in the fall with plans of med school down the line.

Renee's crime goes unpunished; her work is paying off, her dreams are within reach.

But there's no hesitation on her part when Claire tells them she is pregnant; there's no need for discussion. She will drive them all into the city in her blue '84 Ranger, risking a promising future to get her best friend an illegal abortion. In Washington, DC, they are met with protesters and cell phones.

Viral footage leads to their arrests.

The girls find themselves on trial in a landmark case...

Product Details
ISBN: 9781952373008
ISBN-10: 195237300X
Publisher: Lumen Reese
Publication Date: February 20th, 2020
Pages: 240
Language: English