Extreme Ironing 101: A Quick Guide on How to Extreme Iron Step by Step from A to Z (Hardcover)

Extreme Ironing 101: A Quick Guide on How to Extreme Iron Step by Step from A to Z By Howexpert, Marie Claire Medina Cover Image
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The world of extreme sports is evolving every day. Many of us are reinventing the parameters of tradition and creating new ways to do things. In 2016, skateboarding was among several new sports added to the 2020 Olympic line up. Quite impressive if you think about the startup days of skateboarding. In the late 40's surfers wanted a way to "ride the waves" when there weren't any. Now, it is the new Olympic sport. Extreme ironists all around the world have the same aspiration for their sport.

The book, Extreme Ironing 101: A Quick Guide on How to Extreme Iron Step by Step from A to Z, goes in depth about what extreme ironing really is and the history behind this up-and-coming sport. The sport has already created quite a following, with thousands of extreme ironists worldwide. Ironists all over the world continue to invent new purpose for this extreme sport. Some are searching for exhilarating connections with the forces of nature. Some are wanting to send a message that they know how to iron. Other extreme ironists are examining and altering the framework of convention. Then, there are those that have made it their mission to get more people involved and make this the next Olympic sport.

What makes extreme ironing so unique is that it has become a limitless extreme sport. It is about taking ironing outside the traditional setting of indoors, and there are no rules. The rules of engagement are not defined, and this is exactly how ironists want it. Ironists continue to push the limit with this sport by learning from each other and consistently challenging each other to conquer life outside of the existing parameters. The list has no end Extreme ironing on your surfboard while catching some waves, on a motorcycle, cycling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, skiing, scuba diving, parasailing, skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, tree climbing, rock climbing, at the park, summiting the highest peaks. The list goes on.

It is about continually challenging yourself. It is like a special defibrillator for all your fears. You are shocked out of your embarrassment. You are shocked out of your fear of the unknown, your fear of heights, your fear of extreme. There is no place to hide, you must face it. You must own it. That is when you start having fun

This book should help you skip all the trial and error moments extreme ironists have so you can focus on mastering your extreme ironing skills. If you want to become an extreme ironist, break out of your comfort zone, master another extreme sport, conquer your fears, or you are just curious - Extreme Ironing 101: A Quick Guide on How to Extreme Iron Step by Step from A to Z

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Marie Claire Medina has spent over five years working as a freelance writer and editor. Born in Hiroshima, Japan, she spent her early childhood years living in between Japan and Okinawa. It was at this early stage in life, where Marie Claire discovered her passion for global cultures and writing. Since then, she has focused on traveling and using her travels to provide her writing with more authenticity and versatility. She is devoted to learning, experiencing, and having a sense of humor.

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