Going, Going, Gone! (Paperback)

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An earthquake decimates San Francisco's baseball stadium. Two players and their manager are trapped. With water rising, the trio crawls through a gash in the wall. Naked and penniless, they climb through the muck onto shore. Downtown San Francisco is on fire. They can not find their stadium, or any new buildings, or the parking lot with their fancy cars. No one has a cell phone to call for help.
Andr Velez, the self-absorbed superstar; Johnny Blent, the faithful-to-his-wife rookie infielder; and their baseball-is-life manager, Bucky Martin, have been transported through time into the 1906 earthquake. Can they figure out what happened? Or how to get back to their 21st-century lives?
In a world without television cameras, social media, or Sabermetrics, the players make money the only way they know how. But the 1906 they're inhabiting isn't one from our history books. Soon, the three find themselves part of an international baseball challenge against the rump remnant of the Confederacy and its all-star team, featuring Walter Johnson, Mart n Dihigo, Ty Cobb, and Ty's murderous, menacing baseball brothers.

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ISBN: 9781950301232
ISBN-10: 1950301230
Publisher: Inkshares
Publication Date: March 8th, 2022
Pages: 400
Language: English