Nineteen to Go: A Peace O'Farce (Paperback)

Nineteen to Go: A Peace O'Farce Cover Image


Getting a vasectomy these days can be a responsible social gesture, but for Hank and Chuck back in 1950s Appalachia, it's but a boozy night's whim and all about hating to use rubbers, leaving them unprepared for how complicated their lives are about to get because nobody told them that they would have to keep using those slimy things until they'd experienced twenty ejaculations. With malleable resolve, they work through the embarrassment of producing semen samples, counting down their ejaculations, and actually talking about sex with their partners. They also bravely confront daunting obstacles of mean-spirited doctors and nurses, judgmental preachers, just plain nasty neighbors, a partner's infidelity, and an inexplicable out-of-wedlock pregnancy-all while falling in love and without anybody getting shot.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781943201549
ISBN-10: 1943201544
Publisher: Authormike Ink
Publication Date: April 6th, 2022
Pages: 286
Language: English