Flux (Paperback)

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The Anthropocene is over, brought to an end by a mysterious event known as the Flux. The scattered remnants of the human race now find themselves in a harsh, new world populated with predatory dinosaurs and marauding megafauna. Once, where there were cities, now lie mountain ranges, expansive rainforests and inland seas. Now, three years on from the Flux, the inhabitants of Havenfort struggle to survive in this strange hybrid world. Unexpectedly added to their list of woes is a plague, steadily wiping out the settlement's inhabitants. To combat this new threat, several locals are tasked with locating and bringing back medical supplies. Led by a young man by the name of Conn, this team of adventurers are about to discover that what can go wrong, will go wrong... welcome to the Meldverse.
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ISBN: 9781925597134
ISBN-10: 192559713X
Publisher: Severed Press
Publication Date: January 7th, 2017
Pages: 164
Language: English