TV's Not Dead! (Paperback)

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Just five years ago, television was considered to be in terminal decline, soon to be written off as yet another casualty of the digital revolution. Advertising revenues were tumbling and it was feared that audiences would rapidly decrease. Fast forward to today and television is strong than ever. Not only is it reaching record audiences but the very technologies that were meant to kill it off - the digital onslaught of the internet, wireless broadband, video on demands, social media, TiVo, smartphones and tablets - have only succeeded in fortifying TV's analogue strengths, creating an exhilarating new digital supermedium. 'TV's Not Dead How Television's Analogue Strenghs Have Created A Digital Supermedium' by acclaimed media analyst David Brennan explores how television discovered that its digital future lay in its analogue past. Brennan gives a fascinating insight into the world behind the box, illustrating the true complexity of the medium by outlining its significant role within the psychology of consumerism and in defining our social mores, our habits and our aspirations. A must-read for telly addicts and media professionals alike, Brennan defines exactly why TV is, and will remain, a universal cultural phenomenon. David Brennan has worked in media research, marketing and strategy in the UK and Australia for over thirty years. He is the founder of Media Native, the industry consultancy.
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ISBN: 9781909593121
ISBN-10: 1909593125
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
Publication Date: March 5th, 2013
Pages: 272
Language: English