Why My Hero Had to Go (Hardcover)

Why My Hero Had to Go By Talitha Vickers, Keith Hobgood (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Talitha Vickers, Keith Hobgood (Illustrator)
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"Why My Hero Had to Go" has a little something for everyone. Take a journey through the pages as the curtain is pulled back to show the heartfelt voice of a parent leaving for deployment or as a front line worker. This unique picture book brings to life the parallel experiences of a parent and a child separated by the call of duty. Children gain a better sense of understanding and responsibility as they tag along with the main character Jared, who is on a "special mission" with pet Bailey and his cuddly toy bear.

With heartfelt poetic words "Why My Hero Had to Go" offers a different perspective for children to know that they are not alone when a parent is called to service. Creating a book that speaks to the voice of the untold stories was critical to author Talitha Vickers who comes from a military family. Drawing from her own personal experience with her nephew Jared, Vickers puts words to emotions that there are often no words for. It's a powerful teaching tool with foreshadowing messages that truly resonates with all readers. The creative imagination of illustrator Keith Hobgood opens the door to a world that a child would otherwise never see though each hand drawn page. The nontraditional layout of Hobgood's illustrations shows just how much a child and parent have in common every day despite being separated by distance.

This educational tool serves as a critical resource for all front line workers, military families, their neighbors, teachers and fellow students to have a first-hand look at a different perspective of families with a unique dynamic.

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ISBN: 9781735331423
ISBN-10: 1735331422
Publisher: TV Author Publishing House
Publication Date: July 5th, 2020
Pages: 40
Language: English