The World is a Family (Hardcover)

The World is a Family By Rosie Adams, Frances Ives (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Rosie Adams, Frances Ives (Illustrator)
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Two foxes – one little, one grown – set out to explore the world. On the way, they discover the many qualities that they share with the animals all around them, as they rest and play, live, and love. This story is a touching and timely celebration of tolerance and unity.

Two foxes explore the wonders of the world together. They look out upon the ocean from high upon a hill, travel through the forest where other animals play, and take time to rest next to each other in a meadow when the day becomes too busy. Through their journey, they learn that the world belongs to everyone, and that every creature in the world engages in similar activities, making them all part of one big family.

About the Author

Rosie Adams lives in Lancashire, England, with three dogs and a goldfish named Bert. She loves to write stories about animals and nature. In her spare time, she likes painting, traveling, and taking long walks in the countryside.

Frances Ives’ love of all things drawing started in childhood, when she dove into an obsession with poster paints and making a big mess on every available surface. This hasn’t changed much. She still works primarily in water-based media, but these days she mostly tries to keep it on the paper. Frances takes her inspiration from the structures and people that surround her, drawing from both observation and memory. Her most abiding source of inspiration is still the constant yet ever-changing sky, and all of its colors.
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ISBN: 9781680102772
ISBN-10: 168010277X
Publisher: Tiger Tales
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English