The ADvantage: How to Attract Customers and Get Your Point Across (Paperback)

The ADvantage: How to Attract Customers and Get Your Point Across By Michael Coleman Cover Image
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Entrepreneurs and forward thinkers: before you spend one dollar on marketing and advertising, you must read this.

Everything you think you know about communication is wrong. The world may be changing but the rules for reaching your audience aren't. An advertisement might contain flashy sound effects, bright lights, and shouting voices to briefly attract people's attention but the only thing that will truly capture the heart and soul of your next ideal customer is compelling copy. This guidebook will supply you with the essential skills to enhance your products and services by engaging targeted prospects with impactful messaging. You will learn how to create a memorable story so inspiring your customers can't stop listening or watching then actually follow through with their wallets Let the novices continue to play checkers with subpar, sterile statements that say noting. Let them wonder why their business hasn't increased. You will have mastered the marketing chessboard where the ringing of the cash register will be your new theme song.

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ISBN: 9781662441189
ISBN-10: 1662441185
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: December 14th, 2021
Pages: 354
Language: English