The Big Damn Firefly & Serenity Trivia Book (Paperback)

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The Big Damn Firefly & Serenity Trivia Book is the ultimate fan's guide to Joss Whedon's critically acclaimed series Firefly and film sequel Serenity. Inside you will find over 1,000 questions that delve into the detailed elements that have made Firefly and Serenity beloved by millions, including the characters, actors, episodes, and behind-the-scenes moments. The questions highlight aspects of the show that casual viewers may have missed and the die-hard Browncoats will relish. And with an introduction from "Jaynestown" director Marita Grabiak, everyone is sure to learn something new. In addition, each chapter features a short biography on members of the cast and production team who were instrumental in bringing the adventures of Serenity's crew to life. This book will test your knowledge and rekindle the excitement you felt the first time you saw our Big Damn Heroes on the screen. Perfect for enjoying on your own or challenging friends at parties, shindigs, and convention gatherings, The Big Damn Firefly & Serenity Trivia Book will answer the most important question of all: who is the biggest Firefly and Serenity fan in the 'verse?
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ISBN: 9781593936815
ISBN-10: 1593936818
Publisher: BearManor Media
Publication Date: December 21st, 2011
Pages: 186
Language: English