In Between Matter: Time Travel Troubles Test Faith and Friendship (Paperback)

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"In Between Matter" (book three of the "In Between Time" series) begins in early 2051, two months after the events of "In Between Space" end. The New Year dawns with a mysterious tale of murderous intrigue in a foreign country. Then the action shifts to Joe and Janice as they continue to heal and recover under the watchful eyes of the Ranch medicals and their Guardian Angel agents. Saturday, January 28, 2051 begins as a surprise work day, with all personnel restricted to base, except one. Various working sessions are conducted throughout the facility to address past, present and future concerns. But by far the largest and most important activity is the unpowered end-to-end test of the Next Generation Time Travel chamber. All is proceeding well, when a series of unexpected and unexplained Timeline Adjustment Waves rock the Ranch, knocking out all communication with the outside world. Automatically time isolated and protected, the Ranch attempts to rescue the one person who was caught on the outside, and reestablish communications. Meanwhile the aloof inflexible martinet, who has been thrust into command, begins to target Joe and Janice as part of an insane deadly hidden agenda. As difficulties, twists and turns multiply, the Ranch learns they are not the only ones struggling to deal with a world turned upside down. Some recent allies become the catalyst for an uneasy truce between the world's Time Travel Facilities. While no one claims responsibility for the calamity, everyone agrees that the Ranch is in the best position to act. Faced with more questions than answers, and with the relationship between cause and effect threatening to unravel, the Ranch makes contact with the one person who has a chance of figuring things out and they embark on an attempt to fix the shattered timeline. Faced with being stuck in a bizarre timeline and the likely end of all time travel, they know failure is not an option. But as they attempt to make sense of the incomprehensible mess, they make astonishing discoveries about Joe and Janice, and the key role they have played, are playing, and always will play.

About the Author

William Edward Hall is a retired Fellow from Hughes Aircraft / Raytheon. He has been an elder for over 12 years at a prominent evangelical church in Southern California. He resides in the South Bay near Los Angeles. This book "In Between Matter" is the third book in the series. It and the second book "In Between Space" and the first book "In Between Time" began in the same way, with a series of dreams in the summer of 2013. Bill is already working on the fourth book in the series. Bill never wrote anything creative before, unless you count some presentations where they "leaned forward" regarding plans and schedules. As he says, "I've been learning how to write a book while I've been going through the process of writing a book." As Bill explains to people, the dreams provide the events and turning points of the plot. Then he connects the dots, provides the engineering, performs the research, develops the characters, locates the Bible passage references and applicable songs. But most intriguingly, he continues to watch an amazing string of "coincidences" as they continue to unfold.
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ISBN: 9781530985425
ISBN-10: 1530985420
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 22nd, 2016
Pages: 588
Language: English