The Italian Pizza Cookbook - Delicious & Tasty Home-Made Pizza Recipes (Paperback)

The Italian Pizza Cookbook - Delicious & Tasty Home-Made Pizza Recipes By Jennifer James Cover Image
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If you're in the pizza business, you own a pizza shop or you're a pizza makers looking for pizza books to teach you a trick or two, this pizza cookbook will give you stepwise instructions on how to make all the toppings, as well as appetizers and salads to garnish your favourite pizza meals. This pizza cookbook is a master class on pizza-making techniques and it also provides recipes for making pizza dough, pizza sauces and toppings. For anyone who desires to make great-tasting pizza right from the comfort of their home, this pizza books for you. From the thin crust Chicago Style Pizza to the traditional classics like Pizza Margherita, all pizza lovers will find pizza dough recipes to suit their preferences. Some of the pizza recipes in this pizza cookbook include- Cheese Calzone Chicago Style Pizza Cooked Pizza Sauce Seafood Pizza Sicilian Thick Crust SCROLL UP TO BUY NOW tags - pizza cookbook, pizza stone, pizza dough, pizza oven, pizza pie in the sky, pizza sauce, pizza cooker, pizza books, pizza makers, pizza peel, pizza pie in the sky a complete guide to pizza, pizza business, pizza crust, pizza shop, pizza cutter, pizza stones for grill, pizza pan, pizza children's books.
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ISBN: 9781500981853
ISBN-10: 1500981850
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 29th, 2014
Pages: 60
Language: English