So You Want to be on Reality TV: The Reality of Reality TV? (Paperback)

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What is the Reality of Reality TV ? What is it like to be selected for TV shows like The Apprentice, Hoarders, or American Pickers? Why are those people who appear on Reality TV shows, almost always, sworn to secrecy by the contracts they sign to be on the show, not to tell the truth about their experiences appearing on the show? Here you will find many important facts about being on a Reality TV show, told by someone who actually appeared on Reality TV, and was even selected to be on more then one Reality TV show, which is very rare. The secrets of what to expect in the contract Release Agreement explained here, could be life-saving for someone thinking about actually going on a Reality TV show; learn some of the risks involved with signing this type of Contract Release. We have seen many different shows which are classified as Reality TV. These type of TV shows seemed to have popped up out of no where, as Television programing went from having no Reality TV shows, to a point where Reality TV shows have become almost dominant on the TV listings. Why ? Were we no longer satisfied as Television viewers, with situation comedies, soap operas, game shows, talk shows, or variety shows? Did someone just get the idea, that you didn't need to pay actors to make a TV show. Why spend money on writers, or on building sets for the shoot? The Television viewers will watch anything just because it is on TV, right? Well, maybe not anything, but sometimes it seems that way, when we click through the wide selection of channels we have today, compared to the 4 or 5 we had as kids. Hundreds of channels, but there are few things that you might really want to watch. What happened? With all the new channels, came the market for inexpensive programing to fill the broadcasts. Reality TV fit the bill. Some of the Reality TV shows can be very entertaining; but are they really Reality? Could most people believe that not everything you see on TV is really happening just the way it is presented to us? The intrigue that we are watching real people on these shows, keeps us with the illusion that maybe, just maybe, everything is real. Did you ever wonder how people get on Reality TV? Or why they would even want to be on Reality TV? Most people would like to be on TV; it would be quite a thrill. But Reality TV might not be a good experience for the person who appears on the show. Sometimes, things don't go the way those appearing on the show might expect, and the way they appear on TV might not be the way they want to be remembered. After all, there is no script that you can learn in advance, and know how it will end before the shoot even begins. Still, people try out to be on Reality TV shows all the time. In very large part, very few of all those who would like to be on Reality TV, are actually selected. This book will give you priceless insight into the process of being on Reality TV. It might not be the same for all shows, however, after reading and understand the Reality of Reality TV, as explained by the author of this book's personal experiences of being selected to be on more then one reality TV show, you should be in a much better position to decide if you even want to be on the show at all. For the Author, this is the Reality, of Reality TV.

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Randy Senna, has been an Icon on the New Jersey Amusement boardwalks for almost 50 years. His amazing life gave numerous opportunities and paths to follow, however, Randy Senna followed his passions and dreams. From beginning and the earliest of years, Randy Senna was different from other children. Through the formation years, he developed a love for the games and the fun days of summer, which would drive his entire life. Through a lifetime of dedication to follow his dreams, and to fight for simple human rights against injustice, which has time after time attempted to foil those dreams, Randy Senna, has stood as an inspiration to countless people whom he would meet on a daily basis through his years of personally operating Amusement operations. His passion for preserving the fond memories of his youth on the Amusement Boardwalks, prompted his life long quest for acquiring Amusement games and artifacts from his experiences. This private collection has grown into the largest of its type know in the world today, and represents not only Randy Senna's history or growing up on the New Jersey Shore Amusement Boardwalks, and his days working at Walt Disney World, but is a history shared with millions of other visitors who visited the very same places over a period of many decades. Randy Senna has been the subject of a Feature Documentary, and appeared on TV, Reality TV, and Radio.
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