Bluebird Songs (Volume II) (Paperback)

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Writing lyrics is an unusual craft, especially for a lyricist who is not a musician. Although lyrics can be poetic, just as a poem might be lyrical, the words of some lyricists are designed to survive alone in linear form to a reader. Of course, it is wondrous when such a lyric, one that can hold its own on what was once blank page, is suddenly imbued with music, transforming the words and music into a song. This is a transformation that the non-musical lyricist cannot achieve on his own. And so, he values the process of collaboration that much more. The music gives color to the content of the words, raising them to a height that the world can see, or perhaps in this case "hear." Bluebird Songs - Volume II contains lyrics by Edward Kenny that have all been set to music by various composers.

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ISBN: 9780578806457
ISBN-10: 0578806452
Publisher: Bluebird Publishing
Publication Date: April 30th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English