Ecology, Recreation and Tourism (Paperback)

Ecology, Recreation and Tourism By M. Ann Edington, John M. Edington Cover Image
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In an increasingly leisure-orientated society, a proper understanding of ecological factors is necessary to reduce the scale of environmental damage associated with recreational and tourist activities. Ecology, Recreation and Tourism presents a comprehensive analysis of such effects on the environment. Using the framework of basic ecological principles, which are introduced and explained in the first chapter, the planning and design for recreation and tourism is considered from 3 major standpoints: the impact of recreational damage; the constraints imposed by biological agents, and finally the design of resorts and associated support facilities. The authors have been involved with the application of ecology to land use planning for many years, both in this country and overseas. With a wide geographical and environmental scope, this text shows clearly the crucial role that ecology has to play in maintaining the balance between recreation and the environment.
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ISBN: 9780521314091
ISBN-10: 0521314097
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication Date: August 21st, 1986
Pages: 212
Language: English